Vision of Chief Minister


The vision for Punjab, every citizen yearns for is a vision of relentless pursuit of modernization, innovation, confidence and tolerance. The province has to lead the country into the twenty first century. This vision would mean that fifteen years down the road, Punjab would be a fully literate, fully employed, highly educated, skilled, talented, tolerant, culturally sophisticated, internationally connected, and a reasonably well off healthy society.

It will have an excellent education system, thriving and competitive markets, strong internationally competitive companies, world class infrastructure with modern urban centers, a high value adding agriculture sector and a smart small and efficient government. This implies that we will double our GDP every eight years or so. This in turn means that Punjab will grow its per capita GDP by over eight percent a year. The federal government plays an extremely important role. It is totally in-charge of fiscal and monetary policies; it frames the tax policies, trade policies and also plays an important role in the regulatory environment of firms and companies. This means that federal policies have to be conducive to provincial development. Fortunately, the federal government has recently been able to bring about a good measure of macroeconomic stability to the country. The provincial development also depends on key federal structural policies such as trade, tax and regulatory policies that are conducive to a positive investment climate in the country. However, macro-economic stability by itself is not enough! Time has come to fully take advantage of policies for promoting the investment climate in the provinces.